How long am I contractually committed?
There is no commitment whatsoever.  Call or write us to terminate your account and it will be terminated immediately.

Will you obtain credit card authorizations online to make sure the credit card is valid?
No.  It is your responsibility to process the credit card through your credit card merchant.  We do some simple checking on the account number to make sure the correct amount of digits are present and some other error checking, but you must obtain the proper validations yourself.

How are sales taxes handled?
Just like FTD and Teleflora.  The sending florist collects the sales tax at their regular local rate.  The receiving florist does not collect anything from the sending florist.

May I add my own photos to my online website portfolio?
Absolutely!  Login to your account and start uploading.

I want my customers to be able to email me but I don't want my email addresses exposed to spammers.
No email addresses are displayed on your web site.  Instead, your customer completes a form that we take the information from and compose an email to you on our servers.  At no time does anyone ever see your actual email address.

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