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"Taking Your Customers to New Places"

Our websites are about "Taking Your Customers to New Places".  Floral purchasers have a wide range of choices these days - supermarkets, Costco, Trader Joe's and, yes, we cannot forget - Pro Flowers.  While these retailers can sell flowers, some better than others, they cannot provide the service today's consumer expects and demands.  You can!  And with®'s websites, we can help you do it.

Value - Your customers want value.  How many orders do you lose every month when your customers refuse to pay the $4.99 "Service Fee" per order that other website providers charge them on checkout?  (If you're not sure your website provider is one of them, please call us.)  Would you blame them for going elsewhere?

Choice - Your customers want choices.  Include products from the major wire services and / or offer your customers fresh, unique products of your own designs.  What about selling local artisan products?  Easy to do with your website.

Easy - Your customers want the process of ordering flowers easy and convenient.  They don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it. websites were built by florists for florists.  We know what consumers want.  We know what florists want.

How much do you pay your current website provider for each order received?  $3.00?  $4.00?  Even $5.00?  Now multiply that times the number of orders you receive monthly.  How much is it?  It's a lot!  Think of how much you would save every month and what you could use that extra cash for if you pay only 39¢ per order.

Tired of your current website provider using your money from customers while you have to wait for it until next week?  Until next month?  Get paid today!  We provide your customer's bank card information directly to you so you get paid immediately.  Just like their orders over the telephone.

No long-term commitment.  No special equipment.  Highly customizable.  Competitively priced.

Create a culture of service that provides so much perceived brand value that customers will not want to buy flowers from anyone but you!  And are willing to pay more!  Take your customers to new places.®.
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