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"Taking Your Customers to New Places"

Our new Point-Of-Sale system is all about "Taking Your Customers to New Places".  Floral purchasers have a wide range of choices these days - supermarkets, Costco, Trader Joe's and, yes, we cannot forget - Pro Flowers.  While these retailers can sell flowers, some better than others, they cannot provide the service today's consumer expects and demands.  You can!  And with®'s new Point-Of-Sale system, we can help you do it.

Confidence - Your customers will feel confident their floral gift will be delivered correctly and promptly. While entering the order, your sales associate can verify the recipient's address, even if the street address or city are misspelled.  Customer isn't quite sure of the address?  You can describe the house / building to them at that address as you look at a close-up satellite view of the property.  Your delivery coordinator can view all pending deliveries on a wide-screen map with pushpins for each delivery.  A flashing pushpin indicates a timed delivery.  Red, a delivery not yet ready.  Place the cursor over the pushpin and see a summary of the order, along with a map of the neighborhood and a thumbnail of the product.

Passion - Your customers are passionate.  And you want to do everything possible not to curb it.  With order entry on one screen, you can enter the order's details as they want to give it.  No need to control the conversation to fit your software.  They can't share their loved one's response in person, but you can ask them if they would like a photo of the recipient receiving their gift attached to their email confirmation instead.

Belonging - You want your customers to feel comfortable doing business with you.  That you will take care of them.  That they belong to your store's "family".  You can quickly view their past orders to determine their flower, color, style preferences.  See which florists they like to use for that distant city.  When ordering a sympathy tribute, you can instantly see the viewing and service times along with locations, guiding them to make the appropriate choice of a spray versus an arrangement.

Action - Your customers want action.  Not empty promises.  When the inevitable problem arises, you can view the "sticky notes" attached to the order that each team member has posted along the way to keep everyone in your operation informed of all relevant facts and issues.  On occasion, your customer will want flexibility.  No need to enter a specific date for delivery, enter a "flex date", a span of days that are acceptable for delivery.

Security - Your customers should feel secure in doing business with you.  Not only is their money at stake, but also being able to convey just the right sentiment.  When they call questioning the status of their order, you can tell them exactly what is happening - designer Ann is in the process of completing your order or driver Bob is in the process of delivering it now.  You can even tell them the "estimated time of arrival" for their delivery.  Once delivered, driver Bob checks the order has been delivered on his smartphone and within seconds, your customer is notified of the delivery.  Perhaps, if the occasion warrants, including a photo of the recipient receiving the flowers.

No long-term commitment.  No special equipment.  Easy installation.  Highly customizable.  Competitively priced.  Integration with your LAFS website.

Create a culture of service that provides so much perceived brand value that customers will not want to buy flowers from anyone but you!  And are willing to pay more!  Take your customers to new places.®.
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